• Green Nation Collection


    The Green Nation Collection – Sustainable Fashion mission is to unite fashion, sustainability and innovation in products made from colored organic cotton and recycled cotton, which represent some of the most modern and sustainable clothing technologies in the world.

    The collections are created with the assumption of the concept of circular economy. This indicates that the production chain is designed to reduce or make the most of all the inputs and services involved, resulting in the smallest possible consumption footprint on the planet. And as we believe that fashion is to be you, we invite designers and personalities to create pieces that value the multiplicity and the uniqueness of everyone, everything and everything.

    Sustainability is an attitude. To understand it you have to experiment. Those who feel their impacts change habits because they understand that their life and that of others depend on it.

    The Green Nation Collection – Sustainable Fashion  is still the social business of Green Nation, a movement for sustainability and innovation, which engages people, companies and organizations through the excitement and new forms of economic, social and natural capital. Part of the income of each piece sold is invested in the movement that, over five years and three festivals, has directly impacted more than 150 thousand people and indirectly more than 500 thousand.
    We invite you to undress concepts, try out our pieces and prove that it is possible to wear the shirt, the pants, the skirt, the fashion of a new world of truth.