• Green Nation Collection


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    Green Nation Collection – Sustainable Fashion products, in addition to supporting the Green Nation funding, sustainability movement and innovation, bring in your DNA some production differentials until the arrival to the consumers.

    Raw materials: organic colored cotton and recycled cotton = Organic colored cotton is an innovation developed by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation – Embrapa-PB in partnership with farmers. The cotton boom is already born colored, without the use of additives or dyes in non-irrigated plantation. By eliminating dyeing, the Green Nation Collection – Sustainable Fashion promotes more than 87% water savings. Recycled cotton, on the other hand, is made up of scraps, cotton waste and leftovers from textile production. Separated by color, after being shredded, these materials, which would go into the trash, are recycled. To gain resistance, these fibers are blended with recycled PET bottle wires. Again, water is spared because there is no need for dyeing.

    Chain of production: circular economy = The resources are infinite. It is from this understanding that the concept of circular economy is used in the production chain. This indicates that the inputs are optimized, there is the constant concern with waste and little or no disposal, since everything that was raw material or product one day becomes raw material or product again. The logistics, distribution and even marketing steps are also planned to offer the least possible impact

    Management model: social business = Social businesses start from the premise that it is possible to create new fairer solutions from the environmental, social and economic points of view. As an innovative solution in the field of fashion, Green Nation Collection – Sustainable Fashion acts in the economic empowerment of farmers’ families who produce organic colored cotton, in the valuation of new recycling projects, even in the return to society of the value of the remuneration of the pieces through investment In the Green Nation movement.