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    Green Nation Collection – Sustainable, contemporary and timeless fashion

    Combining style, ethical fashion and the environment is an attitude that impacts people, ecosystems and the planet. Choosing and wearing clothes from this posture is expressing these values. It was thought to be a sustainable fashion alternative that the Green Nation Collection (www.gncmodasustentavel.com.br) entered the market with a collection of clothing in recycled cotton and organic colored cotton. The fabrics do not go through dyeing and generate, in the productive process, water saving of 87.5% when compared to an ordinary clothes dyed by the industry.

    The Green Nation Collection – Sustainable Fashion brand is a social business of the Green Nation movement. The proposal is to rethink the fashion industry from a new generation of customers.

    “We seek with this collection the engagement of the productive sector. Currently, there is sufficient knowledge and technology for the existence of products and services that are friendly to nature, involving effective methods of reducing consumption of water, energy and harmful materials,” says Marcos Didonet, mentor and director of the brand.

    It was Geni Rodio Ribeiro’s challenge to make a collection that demonstrates quality, design and contemporaneity. “To develop this first collection, the brand relies on the circular economy where the entire production chain seeks to add innovation and technology to its products – from the wire to the point of sale. Everyone in this chain shares the same environmental and social values ​​to generate more economic value to those involved in the process, “explains the fashion and market consultant.

    Promotion, distribution and sale

    For the launch, Green Nation Collection – Sustainable Fashion opted to sell the products through the internet. Communication with the market will initially take place with influencers who combine fashion, behavior and consumption. In the medium term the objective is to reach the consumer via the national retail network. “The main players in the market are already attentive to the changes of habits and the demands of this new client. What is lacking is only an option, that is, giving access to products that are built in a sustainable way. Especially desirable, that is, beautiful and fair price, “says Helder Lecznieski, commercial director of the Green Nation Collection.

    The first sales action is the TUA Collection (acronym for Take One Attitude). “The T-shirts have phrases that emphasize women’s empowerment to align the strands connected with modernity: equality, social justice and respect for nature and quality of life,” reinforces Didonet. The shirt was chosen as the first platform of the brand because, in history, it has always been a vehicle for messages. Before, of rebellion and protest. The Green Nation Collection T-shirt, made from recycled cotton, is the very synthesis of contemporary fashion: it brings together the message and, above all, the purpose.

    About the raw material

    * Recycled Cotton: leftovers of cotton fabrics from garments are separated by color and defibrated. These fibers, to gain resistance, are blended to recycled PET bottle yarns. The final fabric composition is 86% recycled cotton and 14% recycled PET (polyester). There are no dyeing.

    ** Colored Cotton: The cotton boom is already born with the color without use of additives or dyes in the region of the semiarid (Paraíba). The crop is not irrigated. The shades vary from beige to brown. Because it does not pass through dyeing, the production process generates savings of 87.5% of water, compared to the production of a common cotton fabric dyed by the industry.

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