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    The path of sustainability in fashion

    Combining style and respect for the environment requires a change of attitude. The Green Nation Collection – Sustainable Fashion has emerged to make life easier for people whose dream is to consume fashion produced in a responsible and ethical way.

    There is, in the creative fashion industry, a need to produce textiles that meet a demand for greener clothing. In this course, we developed the collection with innovative raw materials that dispense with dyes such as recycled cotton made from waste and colored cotton that is already born with color. The impact on the production process is high, with emphasis on the water economy that reaches 87.5% compared to a common part, dyed by the industry.

    The Green Nation Collection – Sustainable Fashion aims to work in a network with industries that produce raw materials aligned to the tripod of sustainability. Production must be economically viable, socially just and environmentally sound.

    In our journey, we find partners who have something in common: they are transparent and show their manufacturing processes. They invest in research and development to serve the sector. Therefore, the Green Nation Collection – Sustainable Fashion brand is a co-creation between several links in the production chain. The brand also represents the wishes of various professionals to produce pieces that accompany a new market stance in which consumers buy less, but acquire items of better quality and longevity.